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Dads Fight Back teams up with Moms Fight Back to Address Teen Suicide

Today’s teens face pressure like never before with academic and athletic performance, drug and alcohol use, social media, bullying, and more. In response to the rising crisis of teen mental health issues among our youth across the nation, and especially in our own Colorado schools and communities, Moms Fight Back will be hosting a free,…

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Teen Pregnancy: How to Prevent Our Babies from Having Babies

Between 1991 and 2013, the teen birth rate declined 57% nationwide declining in all 50 states and among all racial and ethnic groups. This is the good news but, teens are still getting pregnant and having to utilize public assistance resources at a substantial cost to the public. Teen pregnancy has a number of foundational…

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But You’re Too Young to be Depressed: Depression in Kids

When we think of depression it’s usually something we ascribe to adults – but depression in children, youth, and teens is now understood to be more and more common. Because depression can lead to more severe problems, including suicide, in children as well as adults, it’s important that we look at how to recognize and…

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Education Starts at Home: Talking to Our Sons about Date Rape

As dads, of course we wish the best for our kids in all things – including interpersonal relationships. Research shows that building and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in our lives helps us live longer and feel better about ourselves overall. Although it’s not always easy, we as parents try to model the basics…

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Protecting Our Teen Daughters from Date Rape

Imagine sending your teenage daughter out on what she anticipates to be a fun, carefree date with a friend, new crush, or boyfriend only to receive her home confused, emotionally bruised and sexually assaulted. Date and acquaintance rape doesn’t always leave visible signs or scars, and it isn’t always reported, but that doesn’t make it…

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