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Protecting Our Kids From Media Violence

In today’s world, screen time takes up more of our lives than most of us would like to admit. But did you know that the average American will spend 7.5 years of their life watching TV and more than 5 years on social media? And that doesn’t even factor in the time spent playing video…

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How Could That Happen Here? The Tales of Two Schools

This article was submitted to the Dads Fight Back 100k Stories Project by Michael Sabbeth. Micheal is a lawyer, consultant, lecturer and author. For twenty-five years he has created and taught classes on ethics and moral reasoning to young children in Denver-area elementary schools. Mr. Sabbeth has created and taught a Continuing Legal Education course…

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In Sex Crimes, Alcohol is the Weapon of Choice

Sexual perpetrators are more likely to use alcohol to subdue their sexual assault victims than guns, threats and fists, according to The Gazette. The issue of alcohol abuse and its role in sex crimes, particularly in the military, has caused the Department of Defense to redefine and label alcohol as a weapon. Today we will…

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Cyberbullying 101 + Prevention Tips

15% of high school students report experiencing cyberbullying in the past year according to the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey. With the internet and a wide variety of electronic devices (cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.) we know that our kids have access to many different communication tools. This includes things like social media sites,…

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The Link Between Youth Mental Health and Social Exclusion

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around one in five children in the United States suffers from a mental health problem. This is equivalent to over 17 million young people having disorders that affect their ability to express their emotions, learn and demonstrate positive behavior. Early access to support For a long…

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Education Starts at Home: Talking to Our Sons about Date Rape

As dads, of course we wish the best for our kids in all things – including interpersonal relationships. Research shows that building and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in our lives helps us live longer and feel better about ourselves overall. Although it’s not always easy, we as parents try to model the basics…

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